Metabolism plays an important role in weight gain as some people have fast metabolism while others have slower metabolism. 

8 things that affect your metabolism and weight gain

Metabolism is a process by which your body uses food as energy and then burns that energy to keep your body going.  Some people may have a faster metabolism than others but everybody has metabolism. Let us assume you are very sedentary, the body still need to use energy just to keep the metabolism going for activities such as breathing and keeping your heart beating. This is called BMR (basal metabolic rate).

Obese woman trying to lose weight

Obese woman trying to lose weight

So, what are the things that can affect your metabolism and weight gain?  

Well your metabolism is Influenced by many factors Including age, sex, genetic factors, hormonal status, physical activity, your bodyweight, and your insulin resistance.

Top 8 things that affect your metabolism

1. The number one factor that affect your metabolism, according to Dr. Prab R, Tumpati, founder of W8MD medical weight-loss centers of America, one of the most important factors that contributes to read gain especially in the upper part of the body is your insulin resistance status.

Although this is one of the things that has traditionally been misunderstood, it is increasingly being accepted that insulin resistance plays a big part in your weight gain.Acanthosis

2. The and number two factor for your metabolism is your thyroid hormone status.

3. the number three factors that affect your metabolism is your genetics.

4. the number for factor that affects your metabolism is your age as we get older, our metabolism starts to slow down starting from age 30.

5. than number five factor that affect your metabolism is your gender. It is well known fact that men have a higher metabolism than women.

6. number six factors affect your metabolism is is in fact your body weight. The higher your body weight, slightly higher the metabolism all about this is not proportionally high enough to see any weight loss just because of higher metabolism in obese people. This is because fat tissue is inert and only burns a little bit extra in weight.W8M medspa

7. number seven factor that affects your metabolism is your is your physical activity.

8. the number eight factor that affects your metabolism is your food as certain types of foods can increase metabolism and certain types of foods decrease metabolism.

Of all these factors the most important one to understand is insulin resistance. Affecting up to 71% of entire United States population, insulin resistance can cause weight gain in your belly and upper part of the body.

How can W8MD medical weight loss centers of America help?
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