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 Are you overweight or Obese?

If you are one of the millions of Americans trying to lose weight and get healthier, you are not alone. Affecting over two thirds of the entire adult population, being overweight or obese is not uncommon in the United States. However, the options to lose weight are very confusing for many as there is so much miss information and many fad diets. How about getting some professional help from weight loss physicians trained in the new science and art of Obesity Medicine?


At W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America, our physicians and staff are committed to offering a comprehensive and individualized approach. W8MD’s experienced weight loss physicians partner with each patient to develop a custom weight management program to best meet their individual needs.

Medical Weight Loss Made Easy!

If you are a bit overweight or obese, and take long term medications for cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes but your doctor has nothing to offer for weight loss other than simply say “lose weight”, you may want to consider W8MD’s unique insurance physician weight loss program for faster weight loss results!

What Makes W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers Different?

With over 20,000 books written on this topic, there are so many confusing choices offered by all kinds of people. W8MD believes that weight loss should be under careful supervision of a physician familiar with the concepts in this emerging field of obesity medicine.

W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America’s physician supervised, non-surgical medical weight loss is one of a very few weight loss programs in the country that is evidence based and is supervised by experienced weight loss physicians for fast and effective weight loss using proven measures to lose weight, burn fat and reduce cravings.


  • Physician supervised non surgical medical weight loss
  • Accept most insurances for weight loss physician visits
  • Delicious and affordable weight loss protein shakes and other meal replacements
  • Fast and effective weight loss under careful physician supervision*
  • Sleep disorders and other causes of weight gain addressed
  • Appetite suppressants offered when indicated including Phentermine, Contrave, Belviq, Qsymia, Saxenda, Phendimetrazine etc.
  • Limited acceptance due to popular demand as one of the few insurance physician weight loss programs
  • Weight loss locations in In NYC, NJ & Greater Philadelphia with more added soon!

Learn more about the complex factors contributing to your weight gain and measures to reverse them! Think W8MD for weight loss!


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